Fighting the Good Fight

Christians are commanded by scripture to be ready to make a defense to everyone who ask us to give an account for the hope we have in Jesus (1Pet 3:15). Peter's command asks several things of every believer: To be ready. To make a defense. To give an account.

Are you ready to meet the rising storm of opposition to the Gospel? Can you defend the tenets of your faith? Are you prepared to give an account of your hope in Jesus?

Now is the time to prepare, and VBVMI is here to help. Join us at the Fifth Annual VBVMI Bible Conference October 13-14 in San Antonio, Texas. Our conference theme is “Fighting the Good Fight: Defending the Truth and Exposing the Lies.” Come hear six accomplished Bible scholars and teachers address the rising assault against the authority and sufficiency of Scripture and the best ways we can respond in defense of the Gospel. 

Our 2017 guest speakers include pastors Brian Michaels, Jim Bryant, Michael Loudermilk, and Stephen Armstrong with additional breakout sessions by Pastor Federico Acuña and Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel. Conference topics include:

  • Modern Church & The Word: Conflict or Coexistence? 
  • Five Ways False Teachers Misuse Scripture And How To Spot Them 
  • The Apologist’s Tool Belt: The essentials a Christian needs to defend their faith 
  • What is True Conversion and How Is It Identified 
  • Doctrine & Practice: Walking the Talk Preaching the Gospel without words 
  • Who Chose the Bible? Defending the canon of Scripture 
  • And more...

Prepare yourself to defend the Gospel! Join us for the 2017 Verse By Verse Ministry International Bible Conference!


Our conference includes opportunities for corporate prayer and worship, led by our talented worship team of Jose & Ivette Irizarry.


For a complete list of topics, please see the full conference program.

Don't miss this chance to fill your toolbox with the essentials Christians need to defend their faith. Register now to secure your seat!